7 top fashion icons of all time

The best fashion designers and models of the world occupy a special place in the industry. They have millions of admirers all over the world, and carry a distinctive iconic image for the rest of their peers. They shocked us and gave us the best fashion clothing with their own unique style, which changed the history of fashion forever. Here is a list of top 7 fashion icons of all time.

1. Coco Chanel

coco chanelInspired by men’s fashion, Gabrielle – known as the great Coco – turned the world of fashion upside down and joined the list of the most influential people of the industry. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution made by this French designer.

Her bold design set women free from the constraints of limited trends. Chanel tweed suit has become an icon of style, as well as her bags, innovative concept of “little black dress”, two-tone shoes and short haircuts. Not only an iconic figure in the world of fashion, Coco was also listed in the top 100 most influential people of 20th century by Times magazine.

Visit http://inside.chanel.com for an inside story of Coco Chanel.

2. Yves Saint Laurent

yves-saint-laurentKnown as the guiding light in the world of modern fashion. He introduced men’s tailoring style for women’s clothing and made it trendy. His ‘Le Smoking’ design shocked everyone and to date YSL brand is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world.

He was an assistant at Christian Dior and became the head of the House at age 21. A year later, he presented a “Trapeze” collection, which extolled Laurent to unprecedented heights.

3. Christian Dior

christian diorThe very first collection of Christian Dior called ‘New Look’ was doomed to become a turning point in women’s fashion. His idea was a very feminine design that stood out as a sharp contrast to a harsh postwar vogue at the time. Today his fashion house is on top of the fashion industry.

He began his career as a costume designer in a theater. His undeniable talent was soon noticed, and followed by a proposal to collaborate with various top designers.

4. Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeldToday Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most important names in the fashion world. He worked for the best fashion houses, now having his own and being the creative director of the Chanel house. His powerful contribution to the fashion industry is undeniable.

He is known for combining various fabrics with fantastic prints. He has launched a massive amount of lines of dresses, luggage, handbags and other accessories.

5. Giorgio Armani

giorgio armaniArmani revolutionized the fashion world by replacing the hard tailoring style with more laid back brim. His line of men’s suits is the most famous in the world.

Armani has radically changed the laws of fashion, creating new standards in the fashion industry. He eliminated the unnecessary ornaments and introduced sports elements that created a special style which defined the modern wardrobe of men and women. He made jackets and pants that allowed people to move freely but without losing their elegance.

6. Claudia Schiffer

claudia schifferClaudia has appeared on the covers of over 900 magazines.

For each working day she received about 50 thousand dollars.

Claudia Schiffer was considered by various fashion publishers as the most beautiful model in the world.

7. Gisele Bundchen

supermodel gisele bundchenThe highest paid fashion model and one of Victoria’s Secret angels. She has participated in advertising campaigns organized by major designers and fashion houses.

Giselle has her own brand of underwear – Gisele Intimates, which she personally demonstrates.

Girls’ guide to diamonds

diamondA diamond is a thing of beauty, an investment of such great worth that brutal wars have ensued all around the world for the specific purpose of retrieving these precious items from their hidden places.

Most people have an understanding of just how expensive diamonds can be, their considerable worth emanating not only from their scarcity but the efforts that must be injected into extracting them from the earth.

And considering the price tags involved, the task of selecting and purchasing a diamond isn’t something that can be undertaken lightly.

Girls Guide to Diamonds

diamonds-guideNo matter the purpose in question, the key to making the right decision regarding one’s choice of diamonds comes to value, a matter than cannot be determined with trustworthy accuracy until one understands the basic nature of the average diamond.

Diamonds are classified based upon their characteristics, briefly categorized within the so called four Cs, namely: Clarity, Carat, Color and Cut. It is through these attributes that one can best scrutinize the value and worth of a given diamond, often making decisions based upon the need in question alongside financial considerations:

1. Color – less color equals greater value

Diamonds naturally occur in a variety of colors, the most common of which is yellow; graded from D (denoting 100% colorlessness) to Z (displaying the most noticeable yellow hues), diamonds rated with the highest color grade will boast the least amount of color.

Colorless diamonds, also called white diamonds, are extremely rare; they are also the most valuable, as opposed to their considerably common and much cheaper yellow counterparts. It is common for white diamonds with a detectable yellow hue to sell at discounted prices.

Take a look at the diamond color chart at Lumera Diamonds site.

When it comes to color the rules are simple; less color means greater value.

2. Clarity – greater clarity equals more value

The term speaks of the purity of a diamond, referring to the presence or absence of flaws within the stone or on its surface; it is rather rare to come across diamonds with perfect clarity and cleanliness.

More important to keep in mind is the fact that the flaws of most blemished diamonds are not going to be visible to the naked eye, not without assistance from a magnifying loupe.

Be it inclusions (flaws inside the diamond, typically colored spots and cracks) or blemishes (flaws on the diamond’s exterior, typically a consequence of cutting and polishing), most diamonds have imperfections that will impact their beauty, often acting as a signature unique to each diamond.

Clarity is often determined by observing the passage of light through a diamond’s top, the idea being to observe the presence of impediments and occurrence of absorption-diamonds with perfect clarity will allow light to pass through them without obstruction.

Consideration is also placed upon the attributes (type, size, location) of any conclusions that might be observed under a lens. Greater clarity will translate into a more valuable diamond.

3. Cut – the symmetry of the facets

Contrary to common assumptions, the term cut doesn’t refer to the shape of a diamond; rather it speaks of the proportions of the stone, its width and depth, even the uniformity of the facets.

The cut will control the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond, either accentuating or debasing its qualities. Cut is often considered to be the most important of a diamond’s properties, the only attribute of the four that can be felt with touch.

The cut of the diamond will affect the manner in which light passes and is refracted through it, this being the reason diamond cutters are considered to be so essential to a diamond’s value. By appropriately cutting the facets, jewelers will affect and even maximize a diamond’s brilliance.

Poor cutting will result in shabby diamonds, no matter their fine color or impressive clarity.

Graded from 1-10, 1 speaks of the most superior brilliance, though one doesn’t need perfection in the cut to enjoy the beauty of a diamond. The key is precision in the symmetry of the diamond.

4. Carat – weight of the diamond

The term carat refers to the weight of a diamond; the greater the carats the larger the stone will be. That being said, there is no direct correlation between the size of a diamond and its value. A massive diamond in bright shades of yellow and heavy blemishes isn’t going to cost half as much as a small white diamond with perfect clarity.

1 carat denotes 200 milligrams which equals to 100 points; because most diamonds today weigh less than a carat, “point” is the most commonly utilized method of measurement.

The key to choosing the right diamond is not only understanding the basic attributes of the precious stones but how they mesh with your particular needs and financial situation.



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Fitting Kicks for Running

Maybe you want to shed a few pounds and reduce some stress or you just want to try out a new sport.  Whatever your reason, you’ve made a conscious decision to start a running routine and you’re ready to get started.

Regardless of your running level, your most important piece of equipment is a good pair of sneakers!  Yet, with all the fashionable and high-tech gear on the market, it’s not easy deciding which shoe is right for you.  Here are some valuable shoe buying tips provided to help you pick the running shoe that’s the best fit for you!

Specialty Running Stores

First and foremost, your shoes must be functional, so it’s best to focus on what feels best and not what looks best!  Get properly fitted for running sneakers!  Start with a specialty running store because the staff are trained in runners needs.  Specialty running stores offer a larger selection of running shoes than many of the large sporting good stores, so you’ll have many choices or you can use comparison and review websites like Amazon, Dsstuff and Ebay.

One of the benefits of shopping at a smaller specialty store is the personalized attention you will receive from the staff.  They will want to know you as a runner.  Your salesperson will probably ask you some basic questions to get to know you.  For example, How many miles are you running in a day, week, etc?, How long have you been a runner?, and Where do you run?

Most specialty stores have treadmills located in the store, so you can run in selected sneakers to experience the feel.  Some stores will even let you run outside in sneakers, so you can see how they feel on the pavement.  You might pay a little more for this kind of service, but in the long run it’s worth it because you know you are getting properly fit sneakers.

Expect to pay around $120 dollars and possibly more for a good pair of running sneakers, and plan on replacing your sneakers every 300 to 400 miles.  You might consider keeping a running log documenting your weekly mileage, so you’ll know when it’s time to replace your sneakers.

Know Your Feet

Get to know your feet!  The rotation of the foot downward and inward when you land on the ground is called pronation.  It’s very important to know if your feet:  overpronate, supinate, or are neutral.  This information is crucial to picking the right pair of sneakers.  Your sales associate can help you learn how your foot pronates simply by watching you walk or by looking at the soles of worn shoes.  This information will give them some idea of which brand of sneaker and type of sneaker to suggest.

The Fit

Here are some tips for making sure that your kicks fit comfortably and properly:

  1. Make sure you have a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the end of your running shoe. As you build miles, your feet begin to swell and you’ll need the extra room to avoid cramping.
  2. Make sure your heel doesn’t slide up and down as you walk or run. The heel should fit snuggly.
  3. When you visit the running store, wear the socks that you plan on wearing when you run. This will give you the  true picture of how your shoe fits and feels.
  4. Makes sure the salesperson measures both your feet. If one foot is a little larger than the other, he/she should be fitting you for the larger foot.

Timeless style tips for women

As a woman, you find yourself having a desire to look great and fashionable without really wearing the latest collection of design clothing. There are different ways that can help you achieve this. Taste and preference is a key factor to what one likes to have. Maintain that natural woman look in you and people will appreciate.

Fashion trends come and go but a good style will always be there if you get adapted to it. Use these timeless style tips for women and you will always be in fashion.

A black dress

timeless black dressBlack dress has got a stylish color that is never in the fashion race, but always unique. You will look amazing since black dress attracts attention. A black dress slightly above the knees looks great.

You can find great dresses in boutiques, also larger stores or even online. If you want a dress that will look great for a long time then don’t go for those discount shops. Go for a well-made dress for a higher amount for a perfect look.

A fitting, tailor made dress is always the best since it is your own size,the way you are without adjustments.

Classic shoes

classic black shoesMake sure you have a pair of classic black pump shoes in your shoe closet.

As the fashion icon Coco Chanel put it:

A woman with good shoes in never ugly

The hour-glass look

As a woman keeping curvy hour glass look is always perfect. You will always look more solidified and in a sexy way. If you realize that you have an hour glass shape get that dress that takes you the way you look. Get those clothes that squeeze you at the waist. On top of that get a great belt.

Large Black sunglasses will always hide where you are wrong

When you are thinking of things that will make you fashionable without really wearing the clothes in fashion think of the sunglasses. They hide where you have dressed wrongly since people tend to concentrate on the glasses. They will barely look your attire and you will always stand out.


Jeans have always been there and they will always be. Jeans never go out of style, they are a perfect match for women and you will always be beautiful in them. Have a pair and walk in style.

Try not to look too perfect

When you try to come out too perfect you will always find that you come out in a mess. You might find that the shoes that you wear are not matching. Or you might find that you have something unbuttoned. No one is perfect and nobody will ever be. Once in a while you need to leave the perfection.

In fact, imperfection is hot and has been hot since fashion began. When you have dressed make sure that something is off and you will earn extra points.

Smile and confidence are the best garnishes

Be comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are not, take it off. The reason for this is because even if you wear so smart and you are not comfortable in it, you’ll lack confidence and it’ll show. Smile and whatever you are wearing will be appreciated more than you ever thought.